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How to Wear Camo

Camo is so hot right now.  Taking a lesson from the street style shots above, thy shalt:

1. Stick to one camo piece

2.  Know that a camo jacket adds an unexpected element.  I especially love the juxtaposition of supremely girly pieces like lace dresses and flowing peach skirts with the masculinity of camo.

3. Treat camo pants like a neutral and pair them with patterns for an interesting ensemble.  If you decide to brave pairing different patterns with camo, here are some of my favorite combinations below.  Just be sure to keep the rest of your ensemble relatively simple or you could get up looking super busy.

And here are some of my favorite pieces on the market right now: 

1. MZ Wallace Camo Tote | 2. Topshop Jacket | 3. Herschel Backpack | 4. Topshop Camo Sweatshirt | 5. Current/Elliott Jeans | 6. Old Navy Long-Sleeved Tee | 7. Pointer A.F.D. Canvas shoe in Canvas Forest Cameo | 8. LL Bean Camo Bag

Style Crush: Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles has a special gift for pairing vivid colors, prints and textures to create stunning ensembles.  Her whimsical styling constantly inspires me to take more fashion risks.

Photography courtesy of: My Damn Blog (Solange’s Blog) | Zimbio | Vogue UK | | Time Out New York | InStyle | WhoWhatWear || FabSugar |Sandra Rose | Bella Sugar |  Fashion, Lifstyle and Beauty | Le Belle Femmi | Madame Noire |  Concrete Loop | I Am Domo | Beatrice Catches Fashion | Photobucket | XOXO Fruitpunch

Style Crush: J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons, Take II

This week’s New York Magazine includes a fascinating article on J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons and it inspired me to take a second stab* at highlighting some of her best ensembles.  Lyons’ unparalleled ability to mix high and low, always with an unexpected touch, make her one of my favorite sources of styling inspiration.  If you’re anything like me and borderline obsessive about her, check out Stylelist’s article on Lyons’ office decorher Oprah interview/house tour and a discussion with the Wall Street Journal on the business of fashion.

*Click here for my previous ode to Jenna Lyons and here for my love letter to Lyons’ colleague, Marissa Webb

Style Crush: J.Crew’s Marissa Webb

“Work hard! Do whatever it takes to stand out from the others. Don’t ever think it’s a slam dunk. Learn something new everyday.”

Marissa Webb

Marissa Webb, J.Crew’s Vice-President of Women’s Design, is living the dream: her killer job, stunning looks and a sick closet are topped off by an insane sense of style.  With her J.Crew posse of Jenna Lyons, Frank Muytjens and Mickey Drexler, Webb whittles the days away molding the style of women across the globe while guzzling ginger ale at an alarming pace.  To stalk Webb more, check out this interview and click here to see what’s in her desk.

Russian Dolls

I am so inspired by this set of photos by Tommy Ton for chronicling Russia’s elite pack of emerging socialites.  From the pairings of lush colors and sumptuous textures to the marriage of varied styles, their satorial ensembles are a rich source of design ideas.

Weekend Reading

Photo courtesy of Bonnie Tsang.

This heat is making everyone crazy. I plan to stay in bed all day long with the a/c pumping.

Whoa. This DIY project is crazy-inspiring.

Another launch of yet another beautifully designed online publication.

How to pee in your wedding dress. I couldn’t believe it was a real article, either.

For you shopaholics – Suddenlee allows you to purchase from vendors that do not offer online commerce (Zara, H &M).  Awesome.

I love this DIY rug tutorial. Looks just like Jonathan Adler.

For nerds like me, check out this round-up of free font sites.

Creative art for children’s (and grown-up) rooms.

Ingenious idea for picnics. And it’s sustainable!

That’s clutch.

The coolest skateboard whose proceeds will go towards relief efforts in Japan.  At first I wanted to eat it. How Asian of me.  Ha ha!

Weekend Reading

Photo courtesy of Aubrey Road

I’m crazy in love with this townhouse and this house.

A fun twist for your nails.

Afraid of the dark? This will solve your problems.  Groovy.

Genius DIY project for your walls.

Perfect style.

This is an interesting take on British food.

I want to vacation here.

Great design.

Awesome and affordable idea for your stray art.

How busy moms find a good balance. If you’re a mother, I highly urge you read this series!

Style Crush: Emily Weiss

Do you want to know what makes me fly into a jealous rage?  People like freelance fashion assistant and Into the Gloss editor Emily Weiss.  Her model-like looks are topped only by her strong work ethic*, insane list of accomplishments and styling  finesse.  At only 25, she’s already established herself as young contender through her blog and  via posts at Vogue and Chanel.  Besides all of this, the girl knows how to style.  And I’m jealous.

*Watch The Hills, episode 15.  She destroys Whitney and shows the Left Coast how New York City does it right.  And by right I mean working hard, not leaving the office at 5:30 and doing whatever it takes to complete the job.

Pretty in Pink

Top photo courtesy of Vogue | Bottom photo courtesy of Stockholm Street Style 

Flying Colors

Elle Magazine challenged its Interactive Designer, Stephanie Jones, to incorporate the Spring 2011 trend of bright colors into her daily ensembles.  The resulting record serves as inspiration for the color-phobic and those on autopilot outfit rotation (um, guilty).


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