Tote-ally Awesome

Anyone who knows me or sees me on a daily basis can attest to my penchant for dragging around multiple bags a day.  I feel naked with just one.  Or maybe it’s because in New York, once you leave the house, um, you kind of can’t go back without taking at least an 30 minutes – hour.  There’s none of this, “well I’ll just throw it in the car” business or “I’ll just drive back home to pick something up” scenario happening here (even if you do have a car!).  So that’s why I feel the urgent need to drag around completely unnecessary items like handiwipes, band-aids and neosporin (what if there’s a sale on watermelon and i end up eating it?  what if someone stabs me on the street?) as I slog through the MTA’s delays and detours.  Below is a round-up of some of my favorite tote bags.
Los Angeles, you will never understand.

From top left: Baggu: $8, L.L. Bean: from $30, Halsea: $135, Insound: $18,  Kate Spade: $175, Thomas Paul: $36, Matt & Nat: $136, American Apparel: $30, Map Totes: $15 (many different cities available), Kate Spade: $175, DwellStudio: $195, Thomas Paul: $36, Iomoi: from $88, Kjallraven: from $65, Steven Alan: $178, Matta: $95, L.L. Bean embroidered tote: from $29, various Frieda Kahlo bags: from $15 (at La Sirena).


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