Scarf-ing It Down

I kind of have a scarf addiction problem…
Why scarves instead of shoes like a normal girl?  Scarves are a lot like hoisin or sriacha sauce in that they add that extra kick that a basic ingredients sometime need.  I know shoes serve the same purpose, but really amazing ones can be impossible to walk in.  With scarves, there is never an issue of whether or not it will be comfortable.  More importantly, they hide my rather large pot belly and the 13 stomach fat rolls that creep out of hiding when I sit down.

My single requirement is that a scarf’s dimensions are equal to if not more than 72″ by 25″.  At this point I won’t look at anything smaller, even if I love the fabric or print.  I really hate short, skinny ones, like the kind of jamz that Forever 21 tries to pass off as a proper scarf.  And I don’t like those with square dimensions because you can’t really let it drape properly around the neck, which results in the dreaded bandana-hipster-I-haven’t-showered-in-days-even-though-my-parents-are-paying-my-luxury-building-apartment’s-rent kinda look.

Below are a few I’ve had my eye on…unfortunately my wallet is not in agreement.  All of these are around 72″ x 30″ if not larger.

From top left: Yarnz: $198, Spun By Subtle Luxury: $42, H & M: $9.50, Matta “Duptta”: $198 (grey and rose shown), Nepali by TDM Design: $95, Diane Von Furstenburg: $165, Marika Charles: $195, Epice: $202, Asos: $52, Calypso: $225, Gucci: $895 (how is that possible?), Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent: $165, Wrap Star: $80, Sammy Handmade in India: $98, A Peace Treaty: $150 (on sale, originally $250).

*I should also note that Madewell offers really awesome scarves but the website doesn’t really list all their inventory.  Boo hiss.


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