Here’s some random stuff I’m obsessed with:

1. The Haiti Poster Project was founded a few days following the earthquake; the organization bands together designers and artists who donate limited edition prints.   Each poster is $25 and all proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders.  The designs are breathtaking and below are a few of my favorites.  What a great deal and awesome way to contribute to Haiti!

2. One of my favorite designers, Cynthia Vincent, is collaborating with Target on a shoe line that drops this Sunday, April 18.  It’s sooooo good! And nothing in the line is over $30! The only question is comfort because these look high…and I am already picturing myself falling in the middle of Union Square while cabdrivers and protesting students laugh at me…

3.  Yo, I’m really kind of obsessed with this new chapstick that I picked up on a whim during a drive-by (er, walk-by?) Duane Reade stop. It’s called EOS (short for Evolution of Smooth…doesn’t that sound like a novel by Smooth B from The Onion?) and the vanilla flavor is amazing and the goes on perfectly — no sticky, no weird white stuff (Burt’s Bees) or looking like you just chugged a pitcher of Kool-Aid (cherry chapstick).  I highly recommend, especially since it’s 95% organic and 100% natural (not really sure why it’s only 95% organic if it’s 100% natural but I digress).  The company just added SPF 15 to their products, right in time for giving yourself skin cancer on the beach/pool/roof.  Also, it’s the chapstick of choice for Chuck Bass. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

4. Hailing from my hometown (yeah Raleigh!), The Love Language is a lo-fi jangle of sounds influenced by The Beach Boys and Arcade Fire sprinkled with indie rock influences du jour of handclaps, a B-3 organ and snaps.  A project that accidentally turned into a band, Stuart McLamb’s deftly crafted, catchy songs about the most ordinary things will stay stuck in your head for days.  Trust me, I’ve had the debut album, The Love Language, on repeat allllll week.  What’s most impressive is the (successful) attemp to cover a broad spectrum of sounds that recall everything from early R.E.M. to Johnny Cash and even a bit of The Smiths.

Their sophomore album, Libraries, will be released on July 17 on Merge Records.

Download Heart To Tell from Libraries.

Check out this hilariously sweet video of McLamb’s recording process with his producer,  BJ Burton:

Peep their 2009 Bell House soundcheck of the deliriously catchy Lalita:


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