hello goodbye

It’s been a long while since I last posted…and a lot has happened in between then and now. We defeated a bed bug infestation, moved apartments and finally became full-time employed.  Hooray!

On the commute home this evening, I got super-cranky-pants since three R-trains passed by within a very long  and very hot window; what I REALLY need is a N or the recently discontinued W-train.  This loss is felt most deeply in the mornings, when Astoria residents cluster on the platforms like bees on a honeycomb–fighting for a highly-prized seat.  But not only are adults subject to the cruelty of a train’s passing: the effects of the MTA’s latest round of budget cuts upset even the smallest of New Yorkers! I found these adorable photos of a goodbye party for the W-train thrown by a super-rad mom. (Note: her son was extremely concerned about the termination of the W and feared that all of his other favorite trains would cease to run as well.  His neurotic New York tendencies have already come into play!  How darling!)

Enjoy and good luck finding a seat tomorrow morning!


One thought on “hello goodbye

  1. Hey there, merely a quick note to swing by and say thanks to your remarks in this post. I mysteriously ended up here after following up on a bunch of celeb health stuff over on Bing… guess I sort of lost my focus! Nevertheless I shall be back again in the future to look at your posts down the road. See you later!

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