Nate Berkus

In the past, I’ve only mildly flirted with Nate Berkus, but finally my style crush is coming into full bloom.
Last month, Elle Decor featured his Milan home (shared with Brian Atwood) and its perfection is devastating.  An immaculate blend of eras, textures and colors disciplined by his signature restraint, Berkus’ abode is an excellent lesson in room composition.


One thought on “Nate Berkus

  1. […] I’m doing some massive decor work to my apartment and searching high and low for inspiration. Interior designerBrad Ford’s portfolio provides loads of ideas and currently inhabits tons of space on my design boards. I initially discovered his work in the second issue of Lonny Magazine and ever since, my obsession has never wavered. Named one of New York Magazine’s “Designers to Watch” and recently dubbed one of America’s Top Young Designers by House Beautiful, Ford provides some healthy competition for Nate Berkus! […]

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