Take Away Shows

For those unfamiliar La Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows, prepare to be swept away by a light-hearted romp into spontaneity that offers a humanizing glimpse of your favorite musicians.
These mini-concert videos reveal what occurs off-stage, from venue to venue and town to town; from the random nights looking for a place to crash to hazy post-show early morning hours.

I love that nothing is obsessed over or pared down to perfection. In an era of Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Auto-Tune, we are constantly bombarded with falsely perfect versions of everything lacking a human quality.  La Blogotheque presents raw performances regardless of unexpected bumps or disrupted plans and, in the process, captures moments of improvisation that create a beautiful experience.

Embrace the unexpected.  It’s definitely a lesson I’m still trying hard to learn.  Maybe that’s why I love this project so much: it reveals the beauty of the unforeseen and unplanned if you can just welcome it.

I was blown away when I first discovered these videos a few years ago and still get goose bumps watching the Beirut cuts in Paris. Everything about it is just breathtaking – the feel, the musician’s bi-lingual banter, the streets of Paris, the percussionist playing on trash cans…

Well, you should just see it for yourself…


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