Fall for Sweaters

This week’s sudden turn to chilly weather got me thinking about how I need to lumber out the storage boxes and get going on the wardrobe switch.  My favorite part of autumn is rediscovering all the fuzzy sweaters long forgotten during the sweltering summer months.  I’m also looking forward to expanding to my collection with those featured below…

1. Dex Double Layer Drape Front Cardigan: $84.00
2. Topshop Knitted Striped Cocoon Jumper: $80.00
3. J.Crew Cashmere Zip Shaw Cardigan: $248.00
4. J.Crew Dream Open Shaw-Collar Cardigan: $118.00
5. Alexa Chung for Madewell Aimee Fisherman Knit Sweater: $138.00
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Kelly Sweater: $228.00
7. Forever 21 Sequin Mesh Panel Sweater: $19.80
8. Sanctuary Campus Sweater: $130.00
9. Forever 21 Sheer Lined Sweater: $22.80 (White and Black both pictured)
10. Vince Striped Flange Sweater: on sale for $88.99
11. J.Crew Alpaca Tirette Sweater: $148.00

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