Here are new singles I can’t stop listening to:

Milwaukee-based Casino Versus Japan is a one-man show, and his electronic beats manage to simultaneously energize and soothe.  I’ve had a terrible, sad week and his newest single, “Hush, Hush,” was perfect for my soggy state of mind.  Slightly hazy, dreamy synthesizers blanket layers around each other while a hypnotic, numbing bassline leisurely drives the beat.  It’s the perfect song for when you’re emotionally slammed and need to take a breather.

I’m a huge fan of all things Swedish – Ikea, fish, design, but especially their music.  Swedish band Korallreven, has just released an otherworldly, airy mixed tape that I’ve had on constant repeat for the past two weeks.  The list includes their latest single, “Honey Mine,” which braids the diaphanous threads of Victoria Bergman’s voice*, Balearic beats and shimmering strands of synthesizers.  Also included are incredible remixes of The Bieb‘s “U Smile” and Primal Scream‘s “Higher Than The Sun”.

*(you may remember her from Peter, Bjorn and John’sYoung Folks“)

You can stream it here and I highly recommend you do so.

Soak It Up

Endless Spring

“Soak It Up,” and “Endless Spring,” the gently-swaying singles from Houses, were perfect to cradle my aching mind in this week.  The pacifying, echoing vocals of this boyfriend-and-girlfriend duo coast along rolling, lullaby-esque guitars and electronic effects.  If you ever needed a place to rest your weary head, this is it.

Pre-order the album slated for 10/16 release here.


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