Subway Douchebag of the Day!

Saturday evening when we rolled up to the train station in need of a new Metrocard, the line was about 10-people deep.  At the front was a completely clueless girl who said:

  • How much is a subway ride?
  • How do I know which type of card I need?
  • Shoot, I only have a dollar, do you have any cash? I don’t have any cards on me.

While she fiddled around her bag looking for that elusive $2.25 and struggled to operate the idiot-proof Metrocard vending machine, the line only grew longer.  This infuriating dance continued for another 15 minutes.  Consequently, a lot of folks missed both the express and local trains and had to wait quite a while for the next one.

We can thank the Subway Douchebag of the Day for teaching us some very valuable lessons for our next Metrocard purchase:

1. Know what type of card you need.  The choices are: unlimited monthly, unlimited weekly, 1-day funpass or a card delineated by a monetary amount.

2. Know how you’d like to pay: cash, credit or debit card.  No, the machines do not accept checks.

3. Have the cash, credit or debit card WITH you.  If you discover this is not the case, perhaps you should exit the line until this issue has been resolved.

In the past, we have witnessed many people struggle with these very difficult concepts.  So, thank you, Subway Douchebag of the Day, for showing us the way.


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