Partners & Spade

My childhood friend Vivian visited a few weeks ago and her boyfriend works at Kate Spade (swoon).  We were discussing the entire Spade empire’s incredible growth and the conversation inspired me to check out what Partners & Spade has been up to…
Partners and Spade is Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti‘s marketing and branding company that also produces books, concept products, films (both feature and short), special events and interior design for clients such as J.Crew, AOL, KSwiss, and the Village Voice.

Their print ad work is amongst the most visually arresting on the market and their ingenious output always steals my heart.  I love that every ad has a definitive narrative, agenda and point-of-view, the juxtaposition of bright colors and the subtle, sneaky product inclusion in photographs.  The images evoke more art gallery than advertisement and makes me want to jump straight into the dialogue of these photos and into the lives of these fictitious characters.  If that doesn’t sound like an endorsement, what does?


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