Here are new singles I can’t stop listening to:


Manchester-based Darren Williams’ mish-mash hip-hop project, Star Slinger, successfully pairs the unlikely combination of pulsating, complex beats with a dreamy, atmospheric quality. Tracks come garnished with chipmunk-esque vocals and video game sounds, lending it a J Dilla quality that will appeal to his fans.

If you want more, Star Slinger’s jams are up for free download on his website.  Or to support a worthy cause for only $1, head over to his Bandcamp site.

300 Clouds

If Animal Collective is your thing, then Nightlands, the newest project from War on Drugs‘ Dave Hartley, will definitely be right up your alley.  Tracks veiled in a curtain of haze achieve a primitive quality through Tibetan monk-like vocals, tribal drumming and looped reverb vocals.  Should your weary mind need a rest, this is the perfect accompaniment to lying down in the dark and forgetting all your cares.

Recently signed to Secretly Canadian, their album, Forget the Mantra, will drop 11/9, but you can download the whole thing on the Nightlands’ Bandcamp site.

Heaven’s On Fire:

Stockholm-based Labrador Records is home to some of my favorite artists, including The Radio Dept.  Their new single “Heaven’s on Fire” delivers a strong message cloaked in the poppy, nostalgic, New Wave style that’s become the signature sound of their label.  If you like what you hear, purchase their excellent new album, Clinging To A Scheme, here.


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