Travel Kit

Last week I flew to Asia and while I can’t complain about days off and time in the East, the flight itself is kind of a beast.  As my family lives in Hong Kong, I’m a veteran of these long hauls and know exactly what to pack for a (literal) 24-hour commute.
Below are my tested and approved products to get you through the flights from hell.  Especially when your limbs are contoured into unnatural angles from unsuccessful attempts to become comfortable in Economy.  In the middle seat.  Between a restless 4-year-old and a very smelly fat person.  For 16 hours.

1. Nalgene Oasis Bottle: $8.20

A water bottle is key if you’re trying to save cash.  Don’t waste money on Poland Springs from Hudson News, get the flight attendants to hook you up for free.

2. Orla Kiely Car Print Travel Journal: $15.00

Great for when I have any brilliant thoughts (unlikely).  Also helps to create to-do lists and organize all my travel info in one place. The handy band and binding keeps loose papers secure and serves as a great place to clip a pen.

3. Stephanie Johnson Bombay Pouches: from $26.00

The print alone is worth the $26.00.

4. L.L. Bean Zip-Top Tote Bag: from $24.95, assorted sizes

It’s huge, well-made with thick fabric, and holds a ton of stuff.  I’ve brought mine to almost every country in Asia and this thing is still going strong.  My favorite version is the medium with extra-long handles.  It’s not too bulky and not too small, plus the handles come in handy when you want to throw it over the shoulder.

5. Born Round: from $10.88

6. My First New York: from $16.31

A good read is key in case the movie selections include Confessions of a Shopaholic and Old Dogs.  I’m really loving Born Round and My First New York; even if you’re not due to travel till the holidays, I highly recommend either of these titles.

7. Cup of Noodles: $0.79

Airlines barely feed their passengers enough food on international flights.  A Cup of Noodles (or 2!) is weirdly comforting and filling during the long lull between the first and last meals.

8. Baggu Bags: from $7.00 – 35.00

I like to roll up these bags and carry some extras in case I pick up something during my layover.  If not, they’re always useful once I reach my destination.

9. Target Cashmere Eye Mask: $44.00

So soft and I love the extra piece of fabric that rests on the bridge of the nose to block out additional light.

10. Tom’s Blue Tangier Vegan Classic: $54.00

Awesome plane shoes because they are comfy, easy to slip off and pack just by flattening them down to take up minimal space.

11. J.Crew Ultra-knit Zip Hoodie: $59.50

Plane temperature is always a wild card.  Sometimes I’m boiling hot the entire trip and other instances I oscillate from freezing to toasty.  Dressing in layers like hoodies and scarves really helps me adjust.

12. Emi-Jay Hair Ties: $15.99

13. Emi-Jay Headbands: $4.99

If you feel like splurging, these are the best hair ties and headbands ever.  I usually can’t wear headbands without looking like a freak; somehow, Emi-Jay found a way to make it work on my egg-shaped head.  I also get crazy headaches from headbands, but these are super gentle on your noggin.

14. Vaseline Lip Therapy: $1.99

Most affordable and effective lip treatment ever.

15. Stephanie Johnson ML Travel Bag: $82.00

This item so versatile because it has 2 detachable bags and mirror.  Plus everything is clear so it’s easy to see what’s where.

16. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets: $5.00

17. Sephora Face Wipes: $8.00

Plane air is super nasty.  I used to walk into baggage claim dotted with newborn zits.   These days I try to blot my face once an hour with Clean & Clear absorbing sheets and then wipe off everything else with these Sephora face wipes.  This routine has prevented the spawn of acne and kept me feeling refreshed throughout the flight.

PS – Truth be told, I have the oilest skin known to man.  You could scoop up the oil my face produces in under an hour and easily fry an entire chicken plus a bucket of fries.  So, this may not be the ideal regime if you have dry skin.

18. Chocolate Peanut Kashi GOLEAN Bar: $5.99 for pack of 4

SOOOOOO good and so much better for you than a candy bar.

19. Footzyrolls: from $25.00

These shoes are awesome.  They roll up and fit into a tiny bag.  I like wearing Uggs in case the plane is super cold and if not, I always switch into these shoes (or Toms, see #10).

20. Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Lemon Scented Hand Gel: $1.50

I am deathly afraid of germs and getting sick on the plane. Bonus: this stuff smells incredibly refreshing.

21. Ricky’s NYC Small Top Zip Bag (10″ x 6″): $13.99

I’m a huge believer in packing toiletries and things in clear bags.  I usually have 2-3 of these bags on my carry-on that keep everything from Advil to Visine.  Since they’re clear, it makes finding what you need super convenient.

22. Pocky: $2.69/box

Lard! Chocolate! Carbs! Don’t think this needs much explaining.

23. Fruitzi’O Freeze Dried Strawberries: $36.40 for pack of 12

I’m going to spend a mini-fortune eating these things. Ridiculously addictive.

24. White + Warren Cashmere Travel Set: $350.00

The softest cashmere I’ve ever touched.

25. Itty Bitty Book Light: $24.88

Best if you want to read but fear the garish overhead lighting.

26. Bobble Filtered Water Bottle: $9.99

This amazing bottle relies on a built-in filter that automatically cleanses dirty water of contaminants.  Perfect on the plane and traveling to other countries since you can’t use a Brita.

27. Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask: $14.00

You probably don’t need this.  But it’s so cute!

28. Kiehl’s Essence Oils with Roller Ball Applicator, assorted scents: $26.00

Great to have in case you’re meeting someone important at the airport.  I wouldn’t recommend putting this on during the flight as it can be a little strong.  And as we all know…angry neighbors = armrest battle for the remainder of your flight.

29. Bliss Lemon & Sage Body Butter: $12.00

Works on all skin types and has a lovely, buoyant lemon scent that won’t overpower your entire row.


3 thoughts on “Travel Kit

  1. Aha! You are one of those “together” girls I see who look great at the airport! I’m going to bookmark this for when I go to Taiwan next month. I have SUUUPER oily skin too, so I’ll have to try your Clean+Clear/Sephora recommendation! I’m meeting my mom in Taiwan so I have to make sure to have as few flaws as possible. ;^/

  2. Hey Stephanie, I’m digging the blog. I also wanted to say that I also have very oily skin and it must be a family thing! I too have been frying chicken with the oil.

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