Oh Land – White Nights

If you’re a total sucker for Scandinavian electronic pop, you don’t stand a chance against Nanna Øland Fabricius–otherwise known as Oh Land.  “White Nights,” the most accessible and commercial-friendly track off her new, self-titled EP, has been stuck in my head for weeks; her incandescent vocals etch addictive, indelible melodies while skimming across bouncy marimbas and drums.  And yes, I am still banging my head against the wall for missing her CMJ shows.

TV Girl – If You Want It

TV Girl’s lazy beat coupled with sleighbells equals something deliciously laidback and catchy.  The sunny setting almost negates the hilarious (but sad) lyrics illustrating a one-night stand.  It’s a nice blast of the west coast as winter weather slowly drops the temperature in New York.  Head over to their Bandcamp site for more.

Porcelain Raft – Tip of Your Tongue

Need something super-dreamy to escape reality?  Mauro Remiddi’s solo project, Porcelain Raft, provides just that.  An amalgam of electronic beats, hazy guitars and detached yet nostalgic vocals conjures all the heartache of a man dodging his haunted past.   Put this song on repeat and lose yourself in Remiddi’s emotion.

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