Bedroom Eyes

This bedroom in the latest edition of Lonny Magazine is making me crazy.  I love the marriage of muted colors, funky, yet traditional Cole and Sons wallpaper and the juxtaposition of pieces from different eras.  This quiet, sophisticated palette is easily accomplished, and that may be the best thing about it!

1. Loft Task Lamp: $79.00
2. Alvaine Flata Curtains: $14.99
3. Harmony Lavender Rug: from $90.00
4. Tufted Ottoman: from $399.00
5. Globe pendant: $99.00
6. Anna Castelli for Kartell table: from $117.00
7. Chambray Bedding: from $12.00
8. Rajapur Wallpaper: price upon request
9. Ledet table lamp: $39.99
10. Gold Leaf Bowl: $9.50
11. Windowpane Velvet Quilt: from $129.00
12. Chamois Pink Pillowcases: $14.00

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