Style Crush: Jenna Lyons

J.Crew is a fantastic source of unique styling ideas and solid basics, so it makes sense that Jenna Lyons, the woman behind it all, embodies great taste and a fashion-forward mind.

Despite Lyons’ multi-million dollar income, she consistently reverts to the same basic pieces and employs accessories to build varied looks.  Her arsenal includes tons of blazers, skirts and cardigans with a sprinkling of fun scarves, glasses and jewelry.  Below are some of Lyons’ wardrobe essentials to get you inspired.

1. Sequined Chiffon Blazer: $99.00
2. Black Tights: $15.00
3. Galathee Striped Tee: $85.00
4. Faux Fur Parka: $118.00
5. Ella Moss Faux Fur Vest: $258.00
6. Perfect Chambray Shirt: $68.00
7. Little Black Blazer: $52.99
8. Wool Crepe Pencil Skirt: $78.00
9. Striped Scarf: $10.99
10. Toothpick Jeans:  $98.00
11. Diane Von Furstenberg Rabbit-fur Jacket: $765.00
12. Starry Nights Blazer: $198.00
13. Moscot Glasses: $225.00


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