The best thing about New York City is that the moment one gives up hope and throws in the towel, she (or he) always runs across something that keeps the engine working while running on empty.  Recently I’ve been battling a brutal bout of the flu and also feeling a bit downtrodden about myself.  Walking around this weekend with my head held low, I came across these fantastic smiling faces on the sidewalk.   Perhaps it was the City’s way of saying, “Chin up, chin up!”  And although I still don’t feel 100%, it was a gentle reminder that positive thinking can make all the difference.

So thank you, Felix Morelo, for your wonderful project.


One thought on “Faces

  1. Agree. It can all become too much, too awful, too fast and we need things like this to save us from any city- especially New York.I wish more stuff like this happened in Detroit. I always see great stuff like this in NYC.

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