After downloading Starsmith’s “We Leave Tonight” about a month ago, I must have played it over 1,000 times.  Although you may never heard of him, he has produced songs for the likes of Katy Perry, Penguin Prison, Marina & The Diamonds, Lady Gaga, Timberland and Mika.  Next year, this UK resident will finally step out from behind the curtain to release his much-anticipated solo album.

To satiate his following, the 22-year-old recently posted “We Leave Tonight” on his Sound Cloud account.  This nostalgic, electronic track elicits a kind of retrospective response not unlike music employed during college graduations or Olympic broadcasts (but sans the sappy residue).  If the rest of his album sounds this delicious, I’m certain to be a huge fan.

Starsmith – We Leave Tonight

Last week, New York-based boy-and-girl-duo The Golden Filter released this celestial and creepy cover of Psychic TV’s Christmas lullaby, “White Nights.”  Plaiting Penelope Trappes’ other-worldly vocals with sleigh bells, traditional holiday lyrics and text taken from cult leader Jim Jones’ suicide speech results in a contradictory conceptual and aural palette.  Because such a disturbingly dark message lurks underneath the shimmering surface, I’m drawn to this track for its incredible complexity and sonic beauty.

Golden Filter – White Nights (Cover)

White Hinterland‘s new EP, Eidolon, landed this past Friday and her reworking of Monica’sDon’t Take It Personal,” completely transforms the cheesey radio hit into an ethereal, dreamy musing.  Casey Dienel’s shimmering vocals string diaphanous threads between atmospheric synths while drums provide firm roots.

White Hinterland – Don’t Take It Personal (Cover)


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