Hello, 2011: Calendar Round-Up

One of my favorite parts of a new year is picking out a new calendar.  Below are some of my favorites for 2011.
Bee Things Calendar: $25.00Leah Giberson Calendar: $30.00Snow and Graham Wall Calendar: $18.00

Michelle Armas Calendar: $30.00 | Peggy Wolf Designs Calendar: $38.00Jonathan Adler Calendar: $19.95

Year of Feathers Calendar: $60.00Zig Zag Calendar: $22.00Yellow Lion Calendar: $25.00

Pantone Calendar: $50.00Airside Calendar: about $23.70The Town Calendar: $27.00

Akimbo Calendar: Download for freeDekanimal Mini Gallery Calendar: $25.00Colorblock Calendar: $20.00

Salix Studio Calendar: $25.00Nice Jewish Guys Calendar: $15.99Moon and Star Calendar: $14.00Plantable, Recyclable Calendar: $25.00

Noa Bembibre Calendar: $45.00Moustache of the Month Calendar: $12.60Radio Calendar: $15.89

Flora Douville Calendar: $16.00Modern Design Calendar: $10.00 | Linda & Harriet: $16.00

Kitty Rogers Mini Calendar: $16.00Empire State of Mind Calendar: $23.00Paris Je T’aime Calendar: $23.00

A Little Hut Calendar: $26.00Bunny Calendar: $25.00Pawling Print Studio: $25.00

Cicada Studio Tea Towel Calendar: $42.00 | Moon in June Calendar: $15.00Claudia Pearson Teal Towel Calendar: $14.00

Avril Loreti Tea Towel Calendar: $25.00Charley Harper Mini Wall Calendar: $7.99Best Year Ever Folk Calendar Calendar: $20.00

Multilingual Calendar: $30.00Zoo Year Calendar: $32.00Leah Duncan Calendar: $28.00

The Design Files Calendar: $30.00 | VanHoose Design Calendar: $32.99Overdue Books Calendar: $100.00

These Are Things Travel Calendar: $20.00Creatures of the Deep Calendar: $14.00Muststash Calendar: $16.00

Amy Marcella Wall Calendar: $15.00Erin Jang Calendar: $25.00Kate Spade Calendar: $18.00

Sheep Calendar: $5.00 |See Saw Designs Calendar: $32.00Songwriters Calendar: $30.00Bubble Calendar: $19.99

Story By Mia Animal Calendar: $22.00Cute Creatures Calendar: $6.00Animals Calendar: $25.00

Nimbus Factory Circular Calendar: $15.00Pixo Snake Calendar: Price TBDCaitlin Keegan Calendar: $20.00

Boats Calendar: $22.00Poseidon Calendar: $20.00

Edubarba Calendar: $16.00Astrology Calendar: $8.00Library Card Calendar: $16.50

2 thoughts on “Hello, 2011: Calendar Round-Up

  1. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU STILL HAVE NOT LINKED ANY OF MY SISTER’S STUFFhttp://www.etsy.com/listing/63758200/2011-calendar

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