It’s in the Bag: Alyah Baker

My friend Alyah Baker has long been one of the most stylish and intriguing girls I know; on top of her fashion merchandising prowess, she’s also an accomplished dancer, last seen performing with the San Francisco Symphony on New Year’s Eve.

On her job:
I’ve worked at Gap for more than 11 years.  Gap was my first job after high school and I started as a sales associate.  Currently, I am in merchandising and product development for the Baby Division at Gap Outlet.  A large part of the job is shopping and staying on top of the latest trends and styles in the marketplace and filtering and interpreting them for the Gap customer.

What’s in her bag:
Black Vintage Caviar Leather Chanel Bucket Bag: I got a great deal on this a few years back.

For the times when I need to look more “done,”  I keep Maybelline Great Lash mascarablack eyeliner pencil and nude Shu Uemura lip color.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve: Pretty much my daily beauty routine.

My Blackberry: I’m not really a fan of the iPhone or AT&T.

Multi-colored plastic neon Timex digital watch: Technically, this should be on my wrist but doesn’t seem to make it most days.

Lisa Perry coin purse: Mine says “pop.”

Starbucks gift card: I’m a coffee addict and there is one right next to my job.   My mom sends my a gift card for every holiday.

MAC nail polish in Earthly Harmony: The perfect “greige” color that goes with everything. Now I just need to find the time to get my nails done!

Neon pink mini Sharpie Accents highlighter: I am obsessed with anything miniature and neon.

Doublemint gum: Necessary to cure coffee breath.

My Receipt Pouch: I shop a lot for both work and personal purposes, so the receipt pouch is necessary to keep the paper from taking over my purse.  I currently have a cheapy one from Old Navy that says “Receipts” in bright, fun neon colors, but I am looking to upgrade to something more substantial from Kate Spade or Rebecca Minkoff.

Baggu: Reusable shopping bag.

My glasses: I love my newish Chanel frames that are denim on the sides with tortoise rims; my sunnies are classic two-tone Rayban Wayfarers.


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