Brrrrrrrrr-ing It On

January is a terrible month.
Mother Nature has concocted a wickedly cold winter and leaving the warm cocoon of my bed when the morning alarm goes off could be considered a miraculous feat.

For those of you not in the Northeast: it’s freezing.  Not just cold, but the type of bitter chill that bites through your carefully-devised layers of clothing.  Even when encased in a down coat, scarf of boa constrictor proportions, three pairs of socks, and mittens, I still feel cold.

Below are some of my favorite ways to keep warm or cheer myself up from the prospect of stepping out into the frosty air for the morning commute.

Beige Knot Hat | J.Crew Bonfire CardiganHand and Toe Warmers | Hot CiderSoHo portable, wall-mountable indoor fireplaceJacques Torres Hot ChocolateDonut Plant Creme Brulee Donuts (Technically, this isn’t a way to stay warm, but who doesn’t love a crispy donut with warm cider?  PS – This is the most amazing donut I’ve ever had.)

Iomoi MatchesLog Pillow | Madewell ScarfHeated Towel Rack | Ugg SlippersThree Tarts Gourmet MarshmallowsWhittaker Pendelton Blanket by Eddie BauerNorwegian MittensHot Water Bottle with Felted CozyBeard Cap | Tumbador S’moresAnntian Zig Zag TightsSpace Heater

Donut Plant Creme Brulee Donut photo courtesy of Jessica’s Dinner Party

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