Bangable Dudes in History

Let’s end this terrible week with a bang.
Not just any kind of bang but a bang-able kind of bang.

I found out I have an intestinal infection so the bathroom has become my new best friend.  Was that TMI? Probably.  Anyways, I’m completely ready for this week of stomaches and migraines to end in the hope that my good health will soon return.  But I digress.

My friend Karly is hilarious.  In college she was one of my closest friends and a baller, loyal wingwoman that unveiled the basic tenets of dating to an utterly clueless, younger version of myself.  Yesterday she shared a priceless link on her Facebook page and I couldn’t help but re-post it.

The link?

Bangable Dudes in History


PS – I can’t stop cracking up at the photo of Tesla.  He’s showing us his very best Barry White game-face.


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