The Eyes Have It

I’ve been searching high and low for a new pair of eyeglass frames, but due to my doughy, round face, it’s difficult to find a pair that favors my lack of bone structure.  Even the venerable Moscot failed me.
Warby Parker has been the answer.

With an all-inclusive cost of $95 that covers frames and lenses, free shipping and 30-day returns, this New York City-based company appeals to anyone who’s stylish, sight-challenged and cash-strapped.  And if you’re miles away or too busy, Warby Parker will ship, free-of-charge, five pairs of frames for at-home try-on.

PS – They are releasing a summer collection with Suno featuring sunglasses.


Photos courtesy of Warby Parker

4 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

  1. have you attempted the 5 pair try-on yet? i’ve been eyeing this site (pun intended…) for several weeks now and am tempted to give it a shot, but have the opposite problem (very angular bone structure –> also very tricky to find glasses).

    1. Hey Jess!Yup, I just completed the 5 pair try-on and it’s amazing. It comes in a beautiful box and I just wore the glasses around all day to get a feel for how they’ll be during a complete day in my life. You should try it-can’t hurt since the whole thing is free. I think you’ll be able to find something for your face, no problem! Good luck!

  2. Or you can make an appointment and visit the offices in union square. Then you can try them all!!! It’s been my fave for a couple of years now…..

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