Style Crush: Lucky Magazine’s Jenny Kang

I am uncontrollably  jealous of Lucky Magazine editor Jenny Kang for a myriad of reasons: she’s gorgeous, has an insane wardrobe, hangs out with designers, and seemingly intakes an unlimited  amount of delicious food.

If that weren’t enough, her style nails exactly how I’d like to look: tomboy silhouettes softened by feminine touches and bright pops of colors highlighting interesting texture juxtapositions—all punctuated by an ability to project perpetual comfort and ease.


4 thoughts on “Style Crush: Lucky Magazine’s Jenny Kang

  1. A quick note to say this is AMAZING! I’m such a Kang fan also and re-blogged your lovely collages ~ hope you don’t mind. Thanks for the further aiding my street style inspiration, please keep wasting/spending your time!ashley

    1. Ashley! Thank you so much and you’re welcome to re-post (thanks for crediting me)! You just made my day. Definitely adding your link to my daily reads and hope you keep coming back to waste time with me. Happy Weekend!

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