Currently at the Gap

As of late, each trip to the Gap has presented a cornucopia of price-friendly, on trend offerings.  This Saturday, a full bladder on Fifth Ave prompted me to visit, and it was a certainly a blessing in disguise. (When you have a princess-tiny-bladder, it pays to know the locales of public bathrooms!)   I unearthed some super cute platform wedges and fun flare jeans that fully embrace the re-emergence of all things 70s.  Below are some of my favorite things now in stores.

1. Patent Wedge Sandals 2. Geometric Shorts 3. Tulip Sleeve Tee 4. Tie-Dye Geometric Top 5. Suede Wide-Strap Wedge Gladiators 6. Vintage Flare Jeans 7. Twill Flare Pants 8. Mixed Media Sweater 9. Paintbrush Stripe Skirt 10. Batik Print Skirt 11. Long Racerback Dress 12. Cork Wedge Gladiators

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