Our Dining Room: Inspiration Board

If you know me, you’re well-versed in my serious commitment issues. After more than a year of hemming and hawing, I’m still hesitant to buy a rug for our dining area because there are too many amazing options.  

The above inspiration board manifests all my indecisive tendencies.  What do you think looks best?

1. Involution Iris Pendant Lamp | 2. Surya Bombay Rug  | 3. Marais Side Chair  | 4. Pendant Eve | 5. Baxton Studio White Side Chair | 6. Safavieh Soho Rug | 7. CB2 Blox Mango Dining Table | 8. Surya Smithsonian China Blue Rug | 9. Claylight Pendant Lamp | 10. Snake Plant | 11. Jonathan Adler for HSN Table Lamp | 12. Air Plant Perched on Wood Branch | 13. Redsmith Dining Chair |14. DwellStudio Draper Rug | 15.Marais A Side Chair    | 16. Vintage Wall Decal Pretty Flower Stickers (comes in various colors and shapes, this is a great option for renters who want the look of wallpaper without the hassle)


2 thoughts on “Our Dining Room: Inspiration Board

  1. 8. is AMAZING but I think I’d have the same commitment issues. I’m just now starting to think about redesigning spaces and rugs and dining room tables really freak me out because there are just too many choices and it’s so easy to mess up!

    1. Bri! I am feeling the EXACT SAME WAY. If you are feeling overwhelmed, I’d love to dream up some inspiration boards for you. Your house looks like it has a LOT of potential, I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide on and how you arrange the space!

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