A calendar teeming with a slew of upcoming weddings, Mother’s Day and college graduations has catalyzed my search for supreme presents.  A pleasing gift not only illustrates the special bond between you and the recipient, but also specifically caters to him or her: a personalized item adds the aforementioned element and demonstrates your thought and effort.  Seen above and listed below are some fun items that embody this spirit and would make a wonderful offering to that special mom, couple or graduate.

PS  – Did I mention I’m a sucker for anything monogrammed?

1. Cameo by Rux personalized bangle braclets | 2. 14K Gold Disc Initals | 3. Customized iPhoto Calendar | 4. Customized Silhouette Sugs: $65 for 2 | 5. Rifle Stationery Customized Illustrated Calling Cards | 6. Personalized Venn Diagram Print | 7. Monogrammed Soap: 3 for $20 | 8. Customized Plates | 9. Custom Leaf Silhouettes | 10. Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag | 11. Block Monogram Earrings | 12. Personalized Morse Code Necklace | 13. Iomoi Personalized Totes | 14. Customized Special Date Print

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