Our Living Room: Mood Board

Remember how indecisive I am?  Not only has this trait affected the progress of our dining area, but also the living room. (I know.  Shocker.)  Oscillating between my fondness for clean, modern palettes and a desire to embrace the Hollywood Regency style, I’m struggling to mediate a healthy balance between the two.  Above are some ideas for the living room, but my confidence in these choices are wavering…what do you think?

1. Yellow Silk Curtains (no source — this is an image I’ve been obsessing over) | 2. Vintage Sputnik Light Fixture | 3. HD Jackson Custom Request Print (inspired by Jay-Z’s Decoded cover) | 4.  Room & Board Indigo Hutton Sofa | 5. Martha Stewart Faux Bois Rug | 6. Fig Tree | 7. Twinkle Living Zig Zag Pillow | 8. Crate & Barrel Velvet Seaglass Pillow | 9. Crate & Barrel Willow Sleeper Sofa | 10. Praying Mantis Floor Lamp | 11. HD Jackson Painting | 12. Studio Marlene Ritcher VIII Print | 13. Untitled (Mott Street) by Alison Grippo | 14. Ikea Stockholm Coffee Table


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