Pages of a Magazine…

In high school, I lined the walls of my room with magazines pages and the effect was absolutely stunning. A few years later when my parents re-located to Asia, it was supremely painful to see years of inspiration destroyed–so when I spotted this room in New York Magazine’s spring decor issue, my heart skipped a beat.

Not only is this a fiscally feasible, but also a great alternative to wallpaper.  Since the walls are the main attraction, the rest of the room is fairly simple to re-create (minus the achingly expensive Artemide chairs).  And, as a serious magazine hoarder, I already have all the necessary tools hidden in my closet…

1. Ikea Stockholm Media Storage Unit | 2. Nate Berkus Studio Sofia in Pond | 3. Dress Form | 4. Ostrich Lamp | 5. Gold Moroccan Puff | 6. West Elm Blackened Metal Floor Mirror

Photo courtesy of New York Magazine 


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