Current Obsessions

Here are a few things I’m super obsessed with at the moment:
1. Petite Pan Large Whale Oil Lamp – I’d hang this from my apartment ceiling or gift them to all my friends who have recently become new parents. Petite Pan offers a wide assortment of magical sea creatures that would stun in a nursery or playroom.

2. Timex Modern Originals Easy Reader – I love the modern and clean look of this watch; it would be perfect with some sort of Alexander Wang-esque get-up (obvs I’d be pairing this with some H & M knock-offs).

3. Fresh Cosmetics Hesperides Perfume – While waiting for a friend in Union Square, I hung out at the Fresh store and haphazardly sprayed some of this scent on my wrist.  What followed was a three-week, laborious mental exercise of “should I, or shouldn’t I?”, superseded by a purchase that has since proven its worth.  A winning combination of lemon, orange, grapefruit, jasmine, rhubarb and musk, Hesperides encompasses the spirit of summer.

4. Necono Digital Cat Camera – Please somebody, buy this! The coolest camera I’ve ever encountered that looks more like art than a functioning electronic device.   Its magnetic feet bestows kitty the ability to hang vertically or horizontally–genius!

5. Virginia Johnson Sack Luggage – Everything Johnson creates results in an inevitable decrease in my Chase account.  These bags are no exception.  The color! The pattern! Yes, please.

6. Chance Soho Pop-Up Shop – If your obsession with stripes is anything like mine, then get thee to Chance Pop-up Shop.  Julia Leach’s clothing line rests on the foundation of said pattern, coupled with carefully curated accessories.  I want e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in that store.  Everything.

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