Pop Eyes: Soho-Inspired Decor

Photos courtesy of Refinery29   

The understated, elegant decor from Soho’s latest pop-up shop, POP 1, inspired me to recreate the look on a shoestring budget.

In college, I plucked black-and-white photos and ads from magazines, encased them in Ikea Ribba frames, then created clusters on my walls.  If you lack the time or magazine arsenal to hunt for free photography, try perusing all the black and white prints from 20 x 200Art We Love or Etsy.  (PS – No one can really discern the difference between a $4 frame and a $48 Pottery Barn one.  And if someone claims so, they’re lying.)

With the exception of the black and white photos, everything is sourced from Ikea. 

1. Fullen Mirror with Shelf | 2. Ikea Fenomen Candles | 3. Karlstad Sofa | 4. Bert Teunissen for 20 x 200 Print | 5. Ikea Ribba Frame | 6. Ikea Potted Palm Plant


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