Weekend Reading

Art courtesy of Steve Bonner via FFFFOUND

A paper plane party.

Everyone’s talking about this NYC apartment.

The perfect summer ensemble.  Ugh, she looks so good I almost punched myself in the face.

Mad Men obsessed? Check out Sally Draper’s (Kiernan Shipka) real life closet.

Glastonbury Festival Style.

A blog devoted to well-designed bears via Swiss Miss.

Innovative design and branding.

Do you have a black thumb like me? Here are some stunning floral arrangements that require no care.

NYC’s best ice cream round-up.

DIY flower bouquets.  These are meant for weddings, but they’d look beautiful around the house.

Evil Alarm Clocks.

Gorgeous rooms with disco ball fixtures.

Are you a Felicity fan?  Take a peek at Keri Russell’s gorgeous Brooklyn home.

I might make these for the next party I plan.

A touching video about an isolated Amazon tribe.  Also via Swiss Miss.  (Yes, I’m only slightly obsessed with her.)


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