Airport Frustration

Given the sorry state of airlines, undoubtedly everyone has experienced travel woes within the past few years.  While patiently waiting four hours for my flight this evening, poking around on my phone and opening yet another email announcing the umpteenth delay, I wondered about the marriage of boredom and creativity in an airport setting.  This curiosity lead me to the brilliant video above, created by photographers Joe Ayala and Larry Chen, who were stranded overnight at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The pair capture beautiful images–which requires insane levels of talent given the garish setting.

As for the beer they stole from an empty restaurant? Chen says, “I washed the cup and put it back in the fridge. I wanted to leave no trace. I didn’t want to cause any trouble. Next time we go to that airport I’ll get a beer and leave a $20 tip.”*

*quote source


One thought on “Airport Frustration

  1. A-sians! Hope you have better airport luck tomorrow. Otherwise you could always make “Stuck: The Sequel.”

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