DIY Project: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

For over two years, I’ve been searching for a gold mirror similar to the ones above.  Unwilling and unable to pay the exorbitant prices for the mirrors I fell in love with while unhappy with the ones available in my price range, I squealed with delight when I found Little Green Notebook’s mirror DIY.

The material costs for this project are around $125, which is a steal for a mirror style that generally retails around $250-$400.  Materials needed include:

In a fortuitous stroke of luck, I was headed to Ikea the next day as my friend had generously offered to give me a ride, and the spray paint was easily procured after a quick trip to Home Depot. The most daunting part of this project was finding a place that cuts mirror at an affordable price.  It you’re at a loss for how to locate a mirror cutter, simply search for companies that install windows and glass; the majority of those businesses usually offers mirror-related services.  For those of you in NYC, Apartment Therapy has a thread with recommendations.  After much online research, I decided on Long Island City’s All About Glass and Windows and they were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and quick; after ordering on a Friday afternoon, they were ready to deliver the following Monday.  If you order on a weekday, I’m guessing they can turn it around the following day.  (After calling several companies, I’ve found that the average cost for a mirror that will fit the largest Odby Frame hovers around $60-80.)

After procuring all materials, I dissected the Odby and took the wooden frame piece up to my roof to spray paint.  After allowing it to dry, I placed the mirror inside the frame as if it were a picture.  Upon securing the the mirror and the backing piece to the frame, it was ready to place on my entry-way table:

 I hope this encourages you to create your own mirror! With some effort, you can save tons of cash and create something beautiful.  Thanks again to Jenny of Little Green Notebook for providing the inspiration for this project and post.


3 thoughts on “DIY Project: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    1. I think it depends on how thick of a mirror you order. I got a cheap-o one, so it’s quite heavy. But I also think if you get a nice thin mirror, it will be just fine to hang.

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