Weekend Reading

Photos courtesy of Laura Joliet

If you’ve gone outside today, you’re well aware that our friend the humidity has returned.  So, I’m starting today with a popsicle and coffee.  Hee hee.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with a/c, popsicles and cold beverages!

This made me smile. I wish it was in New York.

Speaking of the City, living here is like being in incredibly dysfunctional relationship –so screw you, New York!

I love this wall.

The blogosphere went nuts a few weeks ago over these well-designed, clever, temporary tattoos.  And now there are new ones!

How Russians take yearbook photos.

I love these party invitations.

A potty mouth + love of fonts = this

How I wish my mom packed these for my elementary school lunch!

I looooooooove this bedroom moodboard.

Gorgeous clambake.

DIY your next handbag.

Gorgeous inspiration for a relaxed, mid-century modern event.

Biz cards: clever graphic design and a study in mixing fonts.


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