Style Crush: J.Crew’s Marissa Webb

“Work hard! Do whatever it takes to stand out from the others. Don’t ever think it’s a slam dunk. Learn something new everyday.”

– Marissa Webb

Marissa Webb, J.Crew’s Vice-President of Women’s Design, is living the dream: her killer job, stunning looks and a sick closet are topped off by an insane sense of style.  With her J.Crew posse of Jenna Lyons, Frank Muytjens and Mickey Drexler, Webb whittles the days away molding the style of women across the globe while guzzling ginger ale at an alarming pace.  To stalk Webb more, check out this interview and click here to see what’s in her desk.


12 thoughts on “Style Crush: J.Crew’s Marissa Webb

    1. I completely agree. Marissa is gorgeous and talented and I secretly want to be her! PS – I love, love, love your site and am honored you came by!

  1. News flash girls. She IS a fashion icon. This woman wakes up, and not only dresses herself in fabulous, but dresses the whole world in fabulous too!!!

  2. Hi Sly! Cool site!! OMG! I love Marissa Webb!! Amazing things come from that women and amazing this to come from that woman. And girl, can she dress!!!!

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