The Cutest (Non-Cheesy) Baby Shower

I’m a huge fan of everything associated/created by graphic designer Erin Jang, and her baby shower is no exception. Drawing inspiration from this book, her friends planned a beautiful event that escapes the typical trappings of a shower: no fluffy pinks, pale blues or storks(!).  The look and theme of the party encapsulate the innocent wonderment of childhood without employing any of the exhausted, sexist clichés associated with it.  A unique and clever element are the bowls of berries garnished with the touching Goethe quote: “one must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste.”  Even more charming is the tree wall art created by Jang’s sister, friends and family, where each leaf lists things that they can’t wait for her baby boy to experience.  I love.

All images courtesy of Erin Jang.  View more photos on her flickr.


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