The Coolest 5-Year-Old Birthday Party

Erin Jang slays me.  First, she shows us the cutest, non-cheesy baby shower of all time and now this awesome birthday party for her 5-year-old nephew, Jacob.  Based off his request for a “thunder-and-lightning-and-Thor-in-an-airplane party,” Jang designed wrappers for Trader Joe’s fruit leathers, bundles of sweets from Economy Candy, goody bags emblazoned with a portrait of the birthday boy and customized temporary tattoos (!!!!).
But the most touching aspect of this party lies in the theme of thunder and lighting, as described by his mother:

[He] doesn’t love thunder and lightning. They scare him…His is a fascination sprung from fear. He checks out books about thunder and lightning from the library and studies the pictures with a stoic face. He faces every thunderstorm that rolls through our area with commendable (though not always successful) attempts at bravery. He is getting better. He tells us so himself.

He may as well have said to me, “let’s have a party about the thing that scares me most.” How could I say no to that?

My son is five, and he is brave.  

Somewhere in there, is a lesson for you and me.

All images courtesy of Erin Jang and Mount Custard and the Untoppable, Unstoppable Baloo


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