Cubicle Reading

So, I’m crazy-lame and didn’t get around to posting this before the close of the weekend.  But in case you’re looking for ways to whittle away the hours in your office, here are some fun links to pass the time.
How come Monday and Tuesday never fly by like Saturdays and Sundays?  Le sigh.

1. A recipe for Krispy Kreme bread pudding with espresso whipped creme.  Swoon. 

2. How to trim your own bangs.  If you’re like me and have long bangs that grow a mile a minute, this tutorial is an awesome way to fix it yourself.

3. Incredible ballpoint pen art by Shane McAdams.

4. Stunning photos of the Williamsburg Bridge.

5. The love of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

6. I’m cool with camping.  As long as we’re staying in this.

7. While visiting NYC, here’s how to avoid the pitfalls that will identify you as a tourist.

8. An awesome balloon bouquet to send your far-away friends.

9. I can’t imagine a more beautiful NYC-centric wedding.


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