How to Wear Camo

*This post originally appeared on my WordPress blog in July 2012.  With my suave keyboard moves, I accidentally deleted the entry from my archives. I took this as a sign to manually resurrect the post and share again.     

Camo is so hot right now. (Said in my best Mugatu voice.)  Taking a lesson from the street style shots above, thy shalt:

1. Stick to one camo piece

2.  Know that a camo jacket adds an unexpected element.  I especially
love the juxtaposition of supremely girly pieces like lace dresses and
flowing peach skirts with the masculinity of camo.

3. Treat camo pants like a neutral and pair them with patterns for an
interesting ensemble.  If you decide to brave pairing different
patterns, below are some of my favorite combinations.
 Just be sure to keep the rest of your ensemble relatively simple as it can easily become super busy.

And here are some of my favorite pieces on the market right now:

1. MZ Wallace Camo Tote | 2. Topshop Jacket | 3. Herschel Backpack | 4. Topshop Camo Sweatshirt | 5. Current/Elliott Jeans | 6. Old Navy Long-Sleeved Tee | 7. Pointer A.F.D. Canvas shoe in Canvas Forest Cameo | 8. LL Bean Camo Bag


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