The Great 2013 Coat Search

For over five years, my trusty J.Crew coat has braved both snowstorms and client dinners.  Under a thin veil of denial, I’ve ignored the unraveling seams and disintegrating lining, but when the sleeve split in half a few days ago, the veil was lifted.  

So far, finding a well-cut coat in a reasonable price range (under $300) has proven quite a challenge.   My dream coat, the Alasdair Wool Shawl Coat, is over $1,000, so it’s time to rob a bank.  Kidding! 

Below are some initial ideas.  I’d love to hear your recommended retailers! 

1.  Theory Elizabeth Wool-Blend Coat  | 2. Scotch & Soda Classic Long Tailored Jacket | 3. Zara Coat with Black Edging | 4. Calvin Klein Olido Coat | 5. Zara Tailored Masculine Coat | 6.  Topshop Topper Front Boyfriend Coat  | 7.  See by Chloe Cotton-Blend Tweed Coat

1. French Connection Divine Dorothy Coat | 2. H & M Camel Coat | 3. Bruuns Bazar | 4. Zara Wool Blazer Coat  | 5. All Saints Camel Coat | 6.  Fossil Morgan Cocoon Coat


2 thoughts on “The Great 2013 Coat Search

  1. i want 2 & 5 of the grays! but i too am still riding out my 2006-purchased andrew marc coat that has already been mended more than once…

    1. Yeah girl, I hear you! I’ve taken my J.Crew baby to the tailor about 3 times and I think it has nothing left to give…tears. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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