Inspiration: NYC Marathon

This weekend, the New York City Marathon descended upon the five boroughs.  After waking up to faint cowbells and distant air horns, we unwittingly discovered that the race route leads directly to our front door.  So while my day’s original agenda involved curling up in a cocoon of isolation and self-pity, my curiosity (and boyfriend) nudged me out the door.  And I made the right decision.  

 From the spectators’ camaraderie to the brave athletes daring to exceed their physical and emotional limits, the run demonstrates humanity at its most gracious and giving. It’s a reminder that no matter how hard your road, you’re never alone.  The most inspiring individuals weren’t the super-athletes leading the scores of runners, they were the solo underdogs who trailed far behind the flock, determined to finish the race.  For these runners, I screamed the loudest and clapped the hardest.  They were the real winners of Sunday’s race and I hope to emulate their grit on my own road.  

This guy made a incredible poster of his colleague, who was participating in the race.  Together with his co-workers, they planned a surprise at the 9-mile mark.  It’s hilarious and supremely touching.  

If life is a marathon, this is how I’ve been feeling about it lately.  But the race has reignited my flame.  I’m keeping my headphones and my shirt on.  I’m doing it.  

Dubbing themselves “Cheerism”, this trio was the most energetic and entertaining group of spectators.  They gave high-fives, cheered every runner’s name and had the most cowbell.  I hope to forever remember their boundless positivity and love.

An incredible gospel choir spurred on runners as they layered Mary J. Blige beats over traditional church hymns.  

I couldn’t resist the call of a bake sale, although I did feel a little weird about eating donuts while watching others push their physical limits…perhaps I was pushing my own physical limits with the amount of food I ate…  

My neighbors rented a PA system to encourage runners with music….

…which quickly become a block party.  Here is my neighborhood, dancing to Montell Jordan’s classic hit, “This Is How We Do It“.  Fort Greene = The Greatest


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