Brooklyn Home Company

The Brooklyn Home Company is an architectural and interior design firm that creates drool-worthy spaces located in some of Brooklyn’s most beautiful neighborhoods.  Every night I pray to little baby Jesus that I can one day afford both a brownstone and the services of TBHC to renovate and design my purchase.  As you’ll see below, their portfolio speaks to the company’s impeccable craftsmanship and style.  

I live across the street from one of their most recent projects, and it’s truly brought out the stalker in me.  Every time that front door opens, I crane my neck to catch a glimpse of the foyer.  I’ve also been inspired to buy binoculars in order to survey the place from my building.  Kidding! Or am I? 

This 5th Street brownstone has been featured on every existing shelter publication under the sun and shared across many a Pinterest board, but I still can’t get enough of it.  The modern and inviting space manages to feel cozy yet airy.  I could spend the whole day parked at that amazing dining table.  And that mantle! Those barstools! The leather chairs! It’s just everything. 

I desperately want to camp out on this couch with a huge stack of magazines and cup of coffee.

Below are some of my favorite bits and bobs from TBHCo’s other projects.

Above and below are some photos from a brownstone on Fort Greene Place.  While the look still consists of clean lines and neutral palettes, I suspect they adjusted their style to reflect that of the owner, so there’s a dab of Neoclassicism thrown into the mix.  

This understated, sleek kitchen gets an A+.  I love the unique but subtle shape of the lighting fixtures and the juxtaposition between the dark wood stools and the smooth countertops.

That wallpaper! I die.  Does anyone know who designed it? Pray tell! (It looks a lot like Jill Malek’s Beta, but I don’t think this is it.)

And does anyone know what paint color is on the left?  It seems to morph from eggplant to chocolate depending on the angle and would be the perfect shade for le boudoir.

I love how they’ve captured the essence of California cool in a Brooklyn garden apartment.  I can practically feel the sea breeze on my face, and a surfboard casually leaning against the wall would feel so right.  

The paneled black wood and Lindsey Adelman chandelier feel so of-the-moment, yet classic and timeless.

Love, love, love the contrast of textures between the door’s hammered surface and the gritty brick walls.  And those sconces and exposed wooden beams are just making this.

Nice n’ easy.  TBHC excels in showing how less can be more.

This nursery is chicer than any room I’ve ever lived in — lucky, lucky kid! And I’m really drawn to this moody, dark entryway tempered with a delicate George Nelson light. 

Want your place to look like these homes?  Me too!  While you squirrel away your pennies for that mortgage and design fee, below are some items that should hold you over until then. 

1. White On White Tree Stump Side Table | 2. Nelson Pendant Lamp | 3. Wisteria Beacon Sconce | 4. Kmart Scalloped Wastebasket | 5. Linsdey Adelman DIY Kit (juuuuuuuuust in case you don’t have an extra $5,000 lying around for a pre-made version) | 6. Nate Berkus x Target Accent Table | 7. Room & Board Abbott Chair | 8. Studio 773 Fern Pillow | 9. Ikea Stockholm Mirror | 10. Martha Stewart x JCPenney Gourd Lamp | 11. Circa Lighting Industrial Pendant with Metal Shade (the pricing on this is a doozy, so more affordable option comes from Home Depot, although they don’t have a gold version available) | 12. West Elm Turned Pedestal Bistro Table | 13. Panton Chair  Perfect for those of you without $300 to spend per chair (whaaat?! why can’t you afford that?), you can get a pretty good knock-off for a third of the cost at | 14. Large Woven Seagrass Basket | 15. Target Dakota Bar Stools | 16. Target Accordion Mirror


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