2013 Hostess Gift Guide

If you’re anything like me, this upcoming week is bursting with holiday gatherings and soirees.  Need a gift for the hosts?  Take a peek at some of my ideas! 

1. Corkcicle – Essentially a gigantic icicle, this eternally-frozen spike can be inserted into wine bottles to chill and enhance the flavor.  

2. Pendelton Tartan Dessert Plates – I die for these plates.  

3. 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the US and Canada – Outlining 150 travel itineraries for weekend jaunts throughout the States and Canada, this book is truly a gift that will keep on giving.  

4. Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle – Crafted to convey the quality of the forest, this candle emanates the scent of a crackling fireplace.  Perfect for New Yorkers who can only fantasize about having a fireplace.  Le sigh.  

5. Mast Brothers Chocolate – A visual and culinary masterpiece, this Brooklyn-made chocolate is the ultimate luxury.  I’d never buy myself a $7 chocolate bar, but I’d love to receive one!  

6. Snowglobe Salt & Pepper Shakers – These clever shakers might be my favorite find this season.  The bears slowly become visible as the salt and pepper dwindle.  

7. Cashmere Buffalo Plaid Throw – In my dreams, I can afford to give $300 cashmere blankets as hostess gifts.  Like screeching brakes on a weary mini-van, reality quickly halts this thinking.  Here is a more wallet-friendly version. 

8. High Street Market Tray – Functional and well-designed, design-lovers will swoon for this tray.  

9. Fredericks & Mae Moon Dominos – Last new year’s eve, we played dominoes until midnight and had a fantastic time.  I’ve been eyeing this chic set all year.    

10. Bee Raw Manhattan Rooftop Honey Sampler – Producing your own honey has become a very on-trend hobby for those New Yorkers with the means and resources to pursue beekeeping.  Artisanal honey company, Bee Raw, curated a sampler from these producers that any food-obsessed friend* would be thrilled to receive.  

*I am that hypothetical friend. 

11. Belvoir Mulled Winter Punch – This delectable, non-alcoholic mix blends well with a variety of spirits.   

12. Fun Magnets – Cheap and cheerful! 

13. Cards Against Humanity – Insanely entertaining game for holiday soirees.  

14. Fee Brothers Cocktail Bitters Samplers – Perfect for your amateur bartender friends.  

15. Winter Cocktails Book – Another useful tool for the budding mixologist.  

16. Zabar’s Babka – The supreme babka.  

17. Frankie’s 457 Olive Oil – This may be the best olive oil ever.  My ultimate fantasy day involves wearing sweats, watching Love Actually  and eating a gigantic vat of this olive oil, sea salt and a loaf of bread.  Is that gross?        

18. La Colombe Coffee – The delicious, intense flavors of La Colombe’s coffee plus the eye-pleasing tin make this gift a slam dunk.  

19. Fish’s Eddy Empire State Building Salt & Pepper Shakers – Affordable, funny and purposeful.  

20. Ana’s Candles – Offered in a wide range of colors, these candles are a solid present for hosts you don’t know that well.  Who doesn’t love a striped candle? 

21. Inna Jam – Available in some wacky and delectable flavors, this artisanal jam is a great gift for your foodie friends.  

22. Laguiole Cheese Knife Set – Beautifully designed, high-quality knives at a budget-friendly price point.  

23. Modern House Wines – Great packaging and rich flavors at a reasonable cost make this my go-to present for hosts.  

24. The Mini Minimalist by Mark Bittman – Recipes culled from Mark Bittman’s NY Times’ Minimalist column are packaged together in this mini but mighty compilation.  A foolproof present for your busy friends who love to squeeze cooking into their daily routine.      

25. Murray’s Cheese Platters – Fromage excellence from NYC’s go-to connoisseurs. Santa, please bring me a cheese platter! Not joking. 



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