2013 Kid’s Gift Guide

I preface this post by noting that I do not have any kids of my own.  However, I do know how to have a great time with my niece and nephews!  This ringing endorsement lends me tons of street cred, so read on to see my gift recommendations for kids.  

1. Chinese Learning Blocks – Never too early to start them on the language of tomorrow. 

2. L.L. Bean Sled – Handmade in Canada, this wood sled comes outfitted with a water-repellent, buffalo plaid cushion for comfort. 

3. Mushroom Jump Rope – Adorable. 

4. Constructible Drinking Straw – Make mealtimes more fun with this zany straw.    

5. Speedster – Beautifully designed, this will thrill any young man.  And the sleek design appeals to design-nerd parents.  

6. Ombre Tutus – Any young lady would be jazzed to receive one of these tutus.  

7. Jar of Glow-in-the-Dark Stars – A classic bedroom staple.  Do you remember plastering these all over your childhood walls?  Memories! 

8. Perplexus 3D Puzzle – This highly addictive game involves manipulating a marble inside a sphere filled with complex barriers and can entertain ages 8 to 80.  

9. Kiwi Crate Craft Set – A service that sends a monthly box of craft ideas and supplies, this subscription would be perfect for a busy mom looking for ways to engage her children.  

10. Land of Nod Art Box – This comprehensive art box will knock the socks off any fledgling Picasso.  

11. Zipline Kit – Backyard fun!!! 

12. Tattly Temporary Tattoos – The clever designs appeal to kids and adults alike.  Dynamite stocking stuffer.  

13. KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Top Train Set – This is the 4-year-old equivalent of a Wall Street Christmas bonus.  

14. Fun With Hieroglyphics Kit – Everyone I know experienced a childhood Egyptian obsession.  If your recipient has hit this important milestone, this gift is a home run.  

15. DIY Rainboot Kit – Encompassing a pair of boots and decor materials, this kit will be a budding fashion designer’s dream. 

16. Rainboat Stacking Toy – Fun for baby and eye-pleasing for parents.  

17. Marshmallow Bow & Arrow – Aspiring Katniss Everdeens have to start somewhere.  Why not with marshmallows?   

18. Lilipop the Frog by Bla Bla Kids & Land of Nod Corduroy Lion – Bla bla makes the most charming stuffed animals and Land of Nod has a solid stuffed animal selection.  

19. Jellybean-Pooping Moose – Best. Stocking. Stuffer. Ever. 

20. Shadow Puppet Theatre – Let your child release their inner Spielberg as they direct and star in their own productions.  

21. Bearded Lumberjack Hat with Removable Beard | Viking Hat | Pirate Hat with Removable Eyepatch | Superhero Hat – These playful hats inject humor into an ordinary article of clothing.  Even more amusing when worn, make sure you click on the links to see the model photos.  

22. City Skyline Glow-in-the-Dark Play Blocks – Ambitious young real estate moguls need to start young.  Get them thinking about urban planning with these glow-in-the-dark (!!!) blocks.  



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