Hello, 2014: Calendar Round-Up

Happy New Year! 

2013 was a challenging time and I’m glad to start afresh.  One of my favorite ways to usher in a new year is picking out a new calendar.  I love looking through the blank dates filled with endless possibilities and hope that these 365 days will be the best ones yet.  

My overarching 2014 resolution is to stay positive and roll with it.  Last year threw a lot of curveballs and I’m learning how to remain flexible and positive in the face of plans gone awry.  To tackle this challenge, I plan to hit the gym more frequently (I’m such a cliche!) and try meditation.  

Did you make resolutions?  I’d love to hear what they are and how you hope to achieve your goals! 

1. Hot Roman Priests Calendar

2. Sugar Paper Calendar

3. The Language of Flowers Calendar by The House That Lars Built 

4. Paper Plants Calendar

5. Harney & Sons Tea Towel Calendar

6. Durido Calendar

7. Mr. Boddington’s Studio Criminals Calendar

8. Urika Kestre Illustrated Calendar

9. Rifle Paper Co. Flip Around the World Calendar

10. Linda & Harriet Calendar

11. Apak and Little Otsu Everyday Magic Calendar

12. Scandinavian Flowers Calendar by The House That Lars Built

13. Red Cruiser Seasonal Harvest Calendar

14. Bubble Pop Calendar

15. 1 Canoe 2 Pieces and Patterns Calendar

16. Laura George Calendar

17. Avril Loreti Tea Towel

18. Marimekko Calendar

19. Clap Clap Design Recipes Calendar

20. Luckies Heat Sensitive Calendar

21. Poladarium Calendar 

22. 1 Canoe 2 Oversize Calendar

23. Stitch the Stars Calendar

24. Corduroy Starfish Modern Hex Signs Calendar

25. Kristina Krogh Calendar

26. Snug Calendar

27. Jonas Wyssen Circular Calendar

28. Red Cruise Beer and Food Calendar 

29. Play With Your Food Calendar 


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