H & M Picks

I stopped by H & M the other day and there’s a lot of good stuff! I pulled these photos off the USA website, but many of great items found in the store aren’t listed on the site.  Pop over there if you can! 

1. Mohair-Blend Sweater – There are a zillion ways to wear this sweater.  PLUS, stripes!!! 

2. Crepe Dress – This dress fits like a dream (hides my potbelly) and has pockets. Event planner friends, take note! 

3. Boots – I really love Isabel Marant-vibe of these boots. They are online-only so I haven’t tried them on.  

4. Cupro Dress – It’s hard to tell from the photo, but this dress has subtle allure.  It fits loosely, but triangular sheer mesh panels on the front prevent it from feeling dowdy.  Constructed from the same mesh material, the back is completely sheer.  Also, the store carried this dress in black and a beautiful deep plum, which doesn’t appear online.  

5. Mini Wallet – Perfect for stashing coins, hair ties and chapsticks

6. Tuxedo Jacket – I’ve been hunting around for a white tux jacket and this one offers a great fit at a really affordable price.  Great way to dress up a t-shirt and jeans. 

7. Sandals – Easy in its simplicity. 

8. Pink Cashmere Sweater – Very soft and very versatile. I can see myself wearing this a lot. 

9. Elastic Belt – Loving the Isabel Marant-ness of this belt.  

10. Wool Hat – A nice, trendy piece that doesn’t break the bank. 

11. Pencil Skirt – FINALLY, someone made a pencil skirt with an elastic waist! This one fits really nicely and hugs your body, so it looks custom made. 

12. Sneakers – If Celine and Chanel had a baby, these would be their shoe offspring. 


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