Mapping Manhattan

Above: Liz Bartucci.  I sense a lot of my artist friends will relate.  Bartucci is the author of The Secret Lives of the Unemployed.  

Writer and cartographer Becky Cooper traversed New York City for years with hundreds of blank Manhattan maps, and asked legions of New Yorkers to translate their City experience on these empty outlines.  What ensued was a fascinating, touching, and sometimes heartbreaking collection of stories, which Cooper assembled into her book, Mapping Manhattan.  As a long-time New York City resident, this book had me captivated for hours.  I highly recommend as a gift for anyone in your life who loves the Big Apple.  Buy it here.

All illustrations courtesy of Mapping Manhattan

Above: Yoko Ono.

Above: Malcolm Gladwell.  I love his little jab at the Upper East Side.  

Above: Anonymous.  The notion of Manhattan as a ghost town rings true to my own experience.  The longer I live here, the more apparent the City’s transient nature becomes.  From ever-changing storefronts to a constant influx and flight of friends, certain landmarks and institutions will forever be marked or viewed through the lens of a particular memory.  Like ghosts, these long-past experiences continue to thrive whenever I encounter certain locations, lending a certain haunted quality to Manhattan.  

Above: Anonymous.  Boy, can I relate to this one…

Above: Anonymous.  Totally accurate, by the way.  

Above: Anonymous.  Also completely accurate. 

Above: Anonymous.  I adore the colors, memories and handwriting of this one. 


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