House of Cards: Claire Underwood’s Style

To celebrate the return of House of Cards, I’ve compiled Claire Underwood’s greatest sartorial hits from season one.  Sticking to neutral basics and combinations that flatter her figure, Claire exemplifies minimalist chic, whether she’s presiding over the Clean Water Initiative or running through a graveyard.  Every working woman I know dreams of being as polished as Claire, and fortunately, her look is not difficult to achieve.  See below for some items to get you there.  

Sheath Dresses: Claire favors fitted sheath dresses in neutral colors that capture the eye with their unique neckline, colorblocking or sculptural details.  

Button-down shirt + Pencil skirt: Claire knows what works for her body and sticks with it.  Her easy formula of button-downs and pencil skirts looks stunning every single time.  

Coats: Claire proves that simple, well-cut coats in neutral colors are not boring, but rather, lend a divine a touch to any ensemble.  Scroll below to see how Claire works her black trench.  

Finishing Touches: In an age of arm parties and layered necklaces, Claire makes a strong case for reserved minimalism.  Her few accessories pack a strong punch, which proves that less can be more.  


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