Stockholm Syndrome

Why are the Swedes so good at everything? They are supremely beautiful, athletic, insanely musical, fiercely intelligent and gifted with impeccable style.  When I visited Stockholm two years ago, the constant presence of towering, lithe blondes with finely-sculpted features awakened my dormant inferiority complex.  Throughout the duration of my trip, I couldn’t help but feel like an obese idiot-midget-troll incapable of ever achieving the heights of their intellect or physical perfection.  And their exquisite aesthetic, which pervaded everything from restaurants to train stations, trumped any other country I’ve seen since then; even the Swedish Visitor’s Center had nuanced, sophisticated décor.  

I wish I had discovered the Ett Hem prior to my European getaway.  Located in the heart of Stockholm, this boutique hotel’s design is so good it makes me angry.  Originally a private residence, this 12-bedroom house was converted into traveler’s lodging with sleek décor emanating an inviting warmth so prevalent in Scandinavian design.  From the lush garden to the serene bedrooms, every corner of the space was thoughtfully planned with an immaculate eye, and judging from the reviews, also the perfect setting for rest and relaxation.  I’m already planning my return trip! Who’s in? 

Photos courtesy of Ett Hem Hotel | Architectual Digest Espana | The Coolist | Elitism 

Above: The marriage of that striped couch, pale pink Knoll-like lounge chairs and minimal task lamps is so good.  

Above: These two vignettes are my paragon of organic modernism.  I want my entire apartment to feel this way. 

Above, left: I love the cozy vibe of the library, topped off with a Lindsey Adelman chandelier. So good.  

Above, right: Traditional Swedish fireplaces typically resemble a column, topped by a crown symbolizing the country’s monarchy.  If I ever own my own house or apartment, I’d love to have one of the babies in my living room.  

Above: This color palette is tops.  

Above: Oh my god. This room is everything. I want to jump into that bed right now!

Above and Below: I’m dying over this bathroom.  That tub! The double sinks! That brass hardware! 

Above and below: Can we talk like Tevin Campbell about how I want to live in this greenhouse situation? 

Above: As we trudge through the last legs of this brutal NYC winter, I fantasize about sitting in this garden with a pitcher of sangria while feeling the sun’s warmth on my face.  #Dreams 


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